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Plastic Free Washing Powder Options

This was a project I worked long and hard on before finding a fairly easy solution. My biggest environmental pet peeve at the time was plastic scoops in every Damn. Box. Of. Washing. Powder.

The thought drove me mad. When I first moved out with my fiancé I bought Cold Power because I thought I needed a special washing powder to use cold water. I didn’t know how to be environmentally friendly until I learnt that clothing will wash just fine in cold water no matter the washing powder.

Today’s blog post is going to be my quest to find a plastic free washing powder brand that I could purchase. I don’t mind DIY-ing, but I prefer to limit it as much as possible. I’m lazy and the economy needs us to purchase regularly.

I emailed Cold Power and – surprise, surprise – I heard nothing back.

Cold Power is a brand by giant Henkel and lil’ old me sending in my one email wasn’t going to change their mind. Still, I like to do it. A million drops can make an ocean.

I wanted to see if they would sell the plastic scoops separately.

EcoStore was next on my list to email and they responded after the second attempt.

Hint – I have found better success contacting companies when I ask if they can help me about a “customer service concern”. When I’ve dived in with my plastic free question I have found three times, I haven’t received reply. But when I mention customer service I get a response within 24 hours.

The third person I contacted using this method will be mentioned in an upcoming blog post about Toilet Paper Options. Subscribe in the sidebar to avoid missing out! And to receive a free downloadable budgeting spreadsheet!

I enquired if they had a timeline in the pipeline (hehe) to bring out the scoops, but the response was non committal. They are a smaller business and have the ability to make the changes quicker, but obviously they don’t think our society is ready.

However, EcoStore is still a FANTASTIC leader in making the world a more eco-friendly place. They use mostly post-consumer plastic, cardboard and sugarcane products. You can learn more about them here.

Looking afield I found a QLD company that uses glass jars and NO scoops of any kind!

The brand is called Green Potions No. 13 and are available through the Biome store for $17.95 for a 1kg jar. You only need one tablespoon per load, however even with this small amount the price per load is more than Supermarket brands. Combined with shipping and glass being harder to recycle than cardboard, I decided to give this brand a miss.

Here’s the link if YOU want to check them out though! 😀

I’d definitely recommend clicking the link even if you’re not interested in the washing powder. Biome is another wonderful online (and offline!) retailer dedicated to zero waste and toxin free. No! I’m not an affiliate, but I love how accessible online retailers make things for people like me living in a small community!

I trialled one other product before finding my jam!

Purchased through an online eco-friendly retailer, Flora and Fauna, I tried out The ANSC All Natural Soap Flakes, but unfortunately we didn’t have a great relationship from the start 🙁

The packaging looked wonderfully eco-friendly in a brown paper bag, however upon opening it, I discovered the inside is lined with plastic. The plastic can be teared away and recycled separately to the brown paper, but it’s another step. Also, looking at their website it seems the packaging has changed, but it looks resealable which probably contains a plastic seal.

From there, things did go up a little. Although the soap hurt my nose to begin with (I can’t stand goat soap) I did get used to it and I then loved how clean our clothing smelt.

Not that they particularly smelt dirty at all, but this was definitely a clean, soapy smell.

However, after trialling the product for a few washes my partner and I started noticing it made us itchy. We decided not to purchase it again after that and have used up the rest.

Despite our grievances I still think this is a good product. The soap flakes would ordinarily be wasted therefore creating a useful product from waste!

This Next Brand Made My Day

I can’t quite think what got me onto it. I kept scouring internet sites trying to find a brand that would fit my requirements without having to purchase first.

My aim with this blog is to provide a range of options for people of all budgets and environmental goals to use.

For whatever reason, at food shopping one day, I turned to a brand at Woolworths and suddenly thought it would be good to try. I picked up the cardboard box and turned to the packing information.

Low and behold, it said the magic words:

A plastic scoop in every pack is wasteful. You can help the environment by dedicating a measuring spoon to the laundry or call us and we will post you a complimentary one.

The brand, Ladies and Gentlemen, is AWARE.

Available at Woolworths, competitive price, suitable for sensitive skin, top and front loader. Just ignore the scary baby on the front! 😛

I cannot tell you how happy I felt to have found a solution to my pet peeve. I hated seeing the plastic scoops pile up. It drove me made because the solution is SO SIMPLE and companies literally make NO MONEY adding them to their product. If all of them sold them separately they would MAKE MORE MONEY for people who lose them and they could keep us environmentalists happy which equals MORE CUSTOMERS.

But no….!

Anyway – I literally did a happy dance and jumped around when I opened the box at home and confirmed their was no scoop. My fiancé probably would have thought I was crazy except he’s heard me whinge about it multiple times.

(He probably still thought I was crazy! hehe)

This was my Instagram story the second I got home!

I hope you enjoyed this quest to find the best plastic free powder at the best price point. My next pet peeve to tackle is lint rollers. I have a creamy Jack Russell and a black, wool work jumper.

*insert hysterical laughter*

Sign up in the sidebar because I WILL tackle this issue in the future. But for now…

Comment below what laundry powder you use! (Sorry all the detergent people!!) Which are your favourite brands? Do you DIY your own? Is it under 3 ingredients? Chat with me! I want to make some friends!! <3


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  1. I’ll definitely be trying this from now on. I assumed more eco friendly options would be more expensive (and laundry powder is already pretty expensive), or more effort, like making one is, so I hadn’t bothered looking into it. Looks like coles also has this brand for $9 for 2kg, as well as being Australian made and sensitive choice endorsed. Thanks for going to the effort!

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