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Reduced Plastic Skincare Routine

I wanted to write this blog post pretty early on in my blog’s life (Post #4!) because I’d like to read it 6 months or a couple of years later and see if I’ve reduced my plastic use even further.

If you are a skincare and beauty Goddess I’m probably going to drive you bonkers!

I didn’t even have a “routine” until I received a facial voucher for my birthday and the beautician convinced me I should do it. Even though I don’t wear make up on a daily basis, she said the ageing will show and I know that will upset me years into the future.

TIP – use what you’ve got, even if it’s plastic. At least it will get some use before going to landfill

Did you know? Flora and Fauna Australia has a recycling program for ALL beauty products even if they weren’t purchased from F&F.

No, I’m not sponsored or an affiliate. I wish! Maybe one day 😉

Back to the bonkers part.

I don’t cleanse on a daily basis, but I DO moisturise and look after my eyes.

When I wake up, sometimes not on the weekend, I use an ELEMIS Absolute Eye Serum. It’s packaged in a waxy cardboard box, with paper instructions. The little bottle is painted glass and the dropper is glass, but surrounded by plastic. I’m going to keep the container because the dropper will be dead useful. I’m needing things that distribute a little liquid at a time.

To be honest, I’m a little annoyed at myself for purchasing this. I already have a little plastic bottle of another eye treatment, but I got coerced into purchasing it while on a cruise. I’m planning on doing a blog post on how to holiday on a cruise ship cheaply – including how to avoid all my pitfalls! Subscribe on the right, to make sure you don’t miss out!

I give it at least 5 minutes to let it soak in, then I use my Nivea Face Veil that I’ve owned for years and never used. It has SPF 30+ which is fantastic for sun protection. I rub it all over my face and I’m good to go!

However it is in a plastic container which would be very hard to reuse because it has a tiny hole at the top. I’ll probably use the recycling program through F&F, but heavens know HOW I will empty it all. Possibly by cutting the top open.

In the future, I’ll probably apply sunscreen and moisturiser separately simply because I have a TON of moisturiser to use up. All in plastic containers, but I hope to find a plastic free alternative that has SPF when I finally run out!

That concludes my daily routine, now for the deeper skincare…

In the shower, every few days I cleanse with Harmoni’s Kiss Cleanse. I originally purchased off Nourished Life which is an AWESOME online supplier of toxin free goodies. If you’re Australian and sign up to a free membership, you get free shipping on Every. Single. Order.

No, I am not sponsored or affiliated with them either, but again I would LOVE to. Maybe if I get more viewers one day!! Better keep typing out more content!

The cleanser isn’t for sale anymore and I’m not surprised since I purchased it years ago. It is in a plastic bottle with a pump system. It seems like I could pull the pump off the top and maybe fill with something, but I’m not sure what I would fill it with? I don’t plan on DIY-ing cleanser or anything lotion-like. Comment below on something I could use it for!

They used to sell them with a cardboard lid however because I store mine in the shower I never use the lid. Maybe that’s why they went back to plastic? 🙁

My eyebrows have dandruff and I was using Head & Shoulders until I discovered Ethique.

The shampoo bars from Ethique are meant for your head, but I use a tiny bit on my eyebrows and although not as good as Head & Shoulders, it is good enough. I’m not flaky!

I love this company because they are 100% plastic free. Even their stickers are plant based! I use the Heali Kiwi bar and sit it on a wooden soap dish. I have a shower bath (until we renovate in 3-5 years) and I sit the dish at the far end of the bath away from the shower. It stays dry this way, but in easy access to me.

I made my own face scrub.

Super quick DIY that has lasted longer than I expected! Even if you have a daily routine, most people don’t scrub everyday – it’ll last for a while for you too!

I mixed brown sugar with olive oil. I’m not sure on the portion of olive oil but the brown sugar was about a cup. Less is more. On my second attempt of making it, I would put in a little olive oil at a time until the desired consistency. You can always add more later, even weeks down the track!

I up-cycled a small jar of mustard with a plastic lid to contain the scrub. For my next attempt I’m going to remove the label and try to get fancy with my own water proof label. Comment your ideas below!

To be completely plastic free for this DIY you would have to look at the packaging on the brown sugar and olive oil. Try a bulk food store or tap the bottles of oil at the supermarket to see which are plastic or glass!

The olive oil is also great for your nails. Rub a bit on while you’re going!

The trick is to keep water out of the container to keep it fresh and not grow mould! I plan on doing a tutorial in the future – soon because I’m nearly out – and I’ll record how long it lasts for.

And the last thing…

Out of the shower, after I’ve pat dried my face, I rub on aloe vera. It could be plastic free, but it’s not! Both options are in plastic containers.

The plant could be harvested, though I’m not sure how much you’d have to grow to use it daily. Using aloe vera isn’t my forever option for night moisture.

However, my fiancé and I were given a large container of aloe vera gel. I also found a bottle of it at the back of my cupboard. I’m going to use both, before looking for a plastic free night moisturiser.

Thank you for reading! I hope this has been informative and interesting! What is your skincare routine like? Do you have favourite plastic free products?


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