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Growing Longer, Healthier Hair

The title of this post doesn’t scream finance or plastic free, but the methods I’m going to try are as reduced plastic as I can find them, and if they work, it means less hair salon trips and therefore less money.

I’m getting married in March 2021 and I want long hair again.

I’ve had hair to the middle of my waist before, the last time back in November 2018. However, I need to look after my hair better if I want it to grow by then. When wet, it’s currently sitting where my breasts begin. I would love to get to the middle of my waist again.

These are the changes I’m going to implement to achieve this goal.

Hair Tools.

I’ve purchased a wooden handle and wooden bristle Bass hairbrush. The wood is better for the environment, the wooden bristles will massage my scalp to increase blood flow, and the space between the bristles will reduce breakage when detangling my hair.

A wide tooth wooden comb is going to help distribute products when wet in a gentler way than anything else.

I’m vowing to use scrunchies only to tie my hair back. Skinner hair ties or rubber bands encourage breakage too much. And I’ve had to cut a hair tie out before because my hair got too wet and tangled. I cringe just thinking about it now.


Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are fantastic for scoring second hand bargains. I love this habit I have now created because it is invaluable for my wallet and the environment.

Yesterday I purchased a second hand, but never been used, 100% mulberry silk pillowcase. It does suck that it’s white, but I purchased it for $38.00 including postage when it retails for $84.95. That’s a 45% saving!! I hope the white fabric won’t get stained, but I guess it’ll be a good way to see how much gunk is on my face and hair when I sleep.

I’m also only going to use a microfibre towel to dry my hair. I have one of those genie hair wraps and it will be the only thing to dry my hair now. I used to dry my hair so vigorously with a normal towel that a previous boyfriend joked that he thought I was going to start a fire. Ugh. I cringe now!

The reason microfibre towels and silk pillowcases are better for your hair is that they create less friction which creates less breakage.

I will also be gently drying my hair with the microfibre towel and simply holding the hair within the towel to absorb the water. The brisk motion is useless and damaging!


In my reduced plastic quest I had been using up all my bottled shampoos to transition to bars, however I’m still working them down. I was given De Lorenzo shampoo, conditioner and masque, and from research it is a pretty good brand.

I’m not going to throw those away, but they are also free from sulphurs, which seems to be better for your hair, and healthier hair grows quicker.

Three days will be in between each shampoo and conditioner. Of course I will still shower and wet my hair, but no products. This will help to distribute the natural oils throughout my hair which also promote hair growth.

I’ll be using dry shampoo when I need to. I’ve purchased Black Chicken Dry Shampoo. As well as having cornstarch and tapioca to adsorb oils, it also has diatomaceous earth, rosemary and clary sage. These three ingredients help with growth, regulating natural oil production, dandruff, itchy scalp, hair thickness, and many other things.

The De Lorenzo masque will be used every second wash. The cycle will be eight days long: wash, three days break, wash and masque, then another three days break.

I’m hoping all these changes will promote growth.

I may purchase another silk pillowcase for my car because I believe a lot of friction occurs in the drive to work.

I will also go onto coconut oil when the bottle of masque is used up. This masque is in a plastic bottle and I can purchase coconut oil in a glass jar – another environmental win.

Using heat is not something I do regularly. Only if I shower in the morning and need to dry my hair for work. I’m not going to do this at all now.

Many of these changes will yield healthier hair and a healthier scalp.

Do you have any further tips?


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