Green Josephine

A young woman working towards environmental and financial sustainability.

About Me

I kind of imagined writing this as my first blog post to explain why I’m here and what I’m doing with this blog. But I didn’t want to because it doesn’t really help anyone and I want my posts to help my readers. Maybe writing about why I’m doing this will help people, will convince them, but it wouldn’t be written as a “Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Do This Too”. It would be more personal and chatty.

Insert the About Me page.

My name is Joanna. In my offline life my nickname is Jo or Joey, however a friend of mine started to call me Josephine in high school and now I use it when I’m writing emails to myself or when encouraging myself.

“Come on, Josephine! You can be motivated to take the dog for a walk!”

I’m here writing this blog because I often want to share my financial and environmental tips. I love giving people advice, but being an introvert, I find it hard to advocate myself.

Plus the internet will reach more people. Or that’s the plan!

I’m going to blog about personal finance (hopefully will learn to spell it on my first go) and how to be more environmentally friendly (especially to remove single use plastic).

My fiancé and I (I tried to spell fiancé and my first go was finance…!) are paying off a mortgage for our home. I’m 24 and he’s 25. He’s an electrician and I’m an administration manager. We have one small dog, have been engaged for three weeks, together for eight years, and plan to get married in eighteen months. Kids aren’t on the table until after the wedding.

However a big motivation behind this is giving our kids a better life. I want to be able teach them how to live without financial burden, and bigger picture, I want to have tried to make the world better for them. More eco-friendly and maybe give the human race a chance to survive for their children and grandchildren.

I’m still learning and trialling. We are fortunate enough to make enough money to trial and error, especially with being eco-friendly. I hope to try things out and find products that are plastic free or have the least amount of plastic for the best price. I want to post about those things on here so you don’t have to waste money.

We’re Australian. Nice to meet you 🙂

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